AirSpace Gallery - What's Next?

The first stage of the Catalyst process from our point of view is research. Our consortium has an imminent meeting at which we are tasked with identifying the target of some research visits.

We need to find out and understand what the financial and funding situation is with other similar organisations - that is to say artist-led spaces operating on a non-commercial, not-for-profit basis.

We need to ask some basic questions, find some common ground and analyse and test the responses and answers to see if we can apply any new ideas to our model.

  • Who are these organisations?
  • Where are these organisations?
  • How do these organisations operate?
  • How do these organisations fund themselves?
  • What non-centrally funded initiatives have they tried and which have proved successful.?
  • Can financial stability be assured through a formal union of similar spaces?

In recent weeks, the artist-led scene has seen the emergence of a loose form of union. Artist and member of The Royal Standard, Kevin Hunt has produced a list of 100 of the country's artist-led spaces, which is a great place to start for us.

At this stage, we envisage trying to visit each space, either in person or electronically - to get a sense of the spaces, how they work and how they make them pay. This would be produced as an artwork in itself, with the findings disseminated to each organisation on the list. Beyond this, we think there might be a discussion as to whether a more formal collective union might help improve the individual financial plight of each organisation.

Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Doubled.

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