B arts, a combined and participatory arts organisation based in North Staffordshire for 28 years, were part of the ACE national portfolio until April 2012, and have since delivered an organisational development review funded by Grants for the Arts (G4A). B arts are part of the Appetite consortium.

AirSpace Gallery, is an artist-run contemporary art gallery and residency/project space that exhibits professional and developing artists and their projects. AirSpace's main focus is to provide space and opportunities for artist development and to assist in developing Stoke-on-Trent's cultural outlook. AirSpace received funding from ACE for their gallery Exhibition programme 2009 to 2012 and for Conjunction November 2012

biTjaM, a relatively new arts organisation, specialising in digital arts and innovation through creative technology have received project funding from Grants for the arts in December 2012 for a school’s based digital arts project 

Restoke: Based in Staffordshire, Restoke combine dance, music and visual art to produce works that breathe new life into forgotten spaces.
Restoke's aims are to; create high quality artwork and performance in the public realm; integrate the arts into regeneration by working in partnership with local authorities; empower communities through engaging in high quality arts activities. Restoke received G4A funding in August 2012 for a performance project in March 2013

PiCL; specialises in making creative projects happen; collaborating with artists we design and deliver creative learning programmes for schools, communities and businesses, striving to improve the creative skills and life experiences of the people we work with.

PiCL delivered Arts Council’s Creative Partnerships programme until closure of the scheme in 2011 and have since delivered Animado funded through a G4A in November 2012. PiCL are part of the Appetite consortium

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