Five arts organisations based, and working in, Stoke and North Staffordshire: B artsAirSpace Gallery, biTjaMPiCL (Partners In Creative Learning) and Restoke, have received support from Arts Council England’s Catalyst Arts : building fundraising capacity award, to work together over the next eighteen months.

Our aim for Making It Work is to develop the experience, tools and strategies to break the cycle of chasing the same funding streams that we are, in different ways, locked into.
The organisations cover a range of art-forms including; visual art, dance, participatory arts, music, digital and combined arts. We engage with people as artists, participants and audiences locally, nationally and internationally. 

The organisations in the consortium have extensive experience in raising funds from well-trodden routes: lottery distributors, ACE grants, trusts and charities. Some also have experience of generating direct income through ticket sales, tender awards and marketing of goods or services.

Catalyst is a £100 million culture sector wide private giving investment scheme aimed at helping cultural organisations diversify their income streams and access more funding from private sources. The scheme is made up of investment from Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Catalyst offers organisations the opportunity to move their fundraising and development expertise on to the next level, whatever their current starting point. Through all strands of the Catalyst initiative, we aim to support creative and innovative activity that will test a range of fundraising approaches. The £7 million Catalyst Arts: building fundraising capacity scheme aims to enable arts organisations with an underdeveloped fundraising model to increase capacity and expertise in this area and improve their resilience. In the long-term, organisations will be better able to embed new business models that increase and diversify their income to deliver great art for everyone. We received 164 applications to the scheme and have awarded grants of between £60,000 and £150,000 to 62 consortia. These grants will benefit 217 organisations.
The scheme supports organisations to work together collectively and collaboratively to develop innovative and efficient solutions to addressing fundraising development needs. We believe that learning and skills will be embedded and reach more organisations if collaboration is at the heart of this scheme. The scheme is designed to help organisations with little or no experience of fundraising to:• build capacity to address both shared and individual fundraising development needs of cluster members• identify and develop effective fundraising models that have a long term impact on the business model of each organisation

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